in my senior drama class i had to play gordon ramsay for a film project but we could only film in school so we had to try to find a closed off room to use. the thing is the room wasn’t exactly soundproof and apparently someone heard us and that’s the story of how the vice principal and four freshmen walked in on me wearing a chef’s hat and yelling at my friend because her squid was so raw i could still hear it telling spongebob to fuck off

did you get an A






just to avoid accidentally using offensive language i’m going to start using 90s surfer dude slang because inadvertently offending someone is totally bogus dude

people might not want to be called dude

you are radically right and that is so not tubular my friend i apologise

I find your poor grammar and spelling to be offensive to my eyes.

watch me catch this gnarly wave of i don’t care


Everyone should watch Leverage.

Go. Do it.


Check out these RAD SPECS

Hey dreamscarrymeaway you want some for Christmas? :P
Reblog if you lick or bite your lips, a lot.


and if you automatically did either one of the two, or both, don’t even fucking hesitate


Well I did 6th grade wrong


Well I did 6th grade wrong


Odd Romeo and Juliet Tumblr Posts

sometimes I get the feeling that none of my friends like my boyfriend and it makes me so sad :( because he’s such a lovely person and he loves me so much. when they talk about their boyfriends everyone else in our group is like ‘aww you guys are so cute etc etc’ but I never get any of that. It makes me not want to talk about him ://// it makes me sad.